Andre Nell – Speaker, Facilitator, Coach

Making Change That Lasts!

So how are you feeling about yourself today?

I believe in the law of attraction. It has taken me sometime to understand how it works but it is becoming clearer.

At first I thought the law of attraction was about what you are doing. If you keep really busy, it must pay off – whatever you are doing. But running round like a blue-@$$ed fly has not yielded the results I expected.

Next experiment, was to test the ‘you attract what you think about’ theory. It is clear that we do attract what we primarily think about however, there is an easy way to understand the principle. To me, it should be:

What you attract into your life is dependant on how you primarily feel about yourself!

It comes down to how you feel about yourself being the force which attracts experiences into your life.

This is so important in all areas of life. If I want to be an effective parent, partner, leader, coach, sales executive (in fact put anything into this spot), the better I feel about me, the more of what I want I will attract to myself.

We are literally magnets (those who paid attention in physical science classes will appreciate this more than others).

The irony is that this law is at work regardless of whether I am consciously aware of it or not. If I like myself, this is good news. If I don’t, it is a recipe for disappointments and disaster.

The Million Dollar Question – How do you feel about yourself today?