Andre Nell – Speaker, Facilitator, Coach

Making Change That Lasts!


“Andre is a talented speaker and facilitator. He has an ability to put people at ease and to communicate about complex subjects in a clear, easy to understand manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending Andre Nell and Capacity Company to companies that are looking to develop their staff”

-Cindy Norcott

“Having no clue to what I was doing before when I got into this industry (sales), I now feel more competent and more confident, I know I must be doing something right when I see the sales and the salary and I can only say that keeping to your book helps. Having you here each week coaching also helps with keeping on track. I thank you for your time, knowledge and patience, somehow you don’t make it feel like your just doing your job like a robot but care. Thank you for caring it makes a difference and that’s what counts.”

-Jackie Kocaoglu

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