Andre Nell – Speaker, Facilitator, Coach

Making Change That Lasts!


Andre Nell is a dedicated student of life.  Andre understands you and knows what it’s like to have to keep yourself motivated.

Whether growing your business or developing your organizations sales, Andre has invaluable hands on experience allowing him to relate to your challenges.

He has worked with large corporate teams, small business teams, owners and individuals, and he is consistently rated as the motivating factor in assisting you to live like it matters.

Andre will help you find a holistic solution to your work and business, he will also help you discover the importance of having balance in all 8 areas of your life, as these ultimately influence your ability to perform.

Andre will help you in the process of clarifying what you want, and more importantly why you want it. Only when this is clearly understood will you find the motivation to stretch yourself beyond your current level of achievement and comfort zone.  He will take you down a path of understanding as to what is holding you back from successfully achieving that which you could and should be.

Through his speaking, seminars, workshops and coaching, Andre will help you to take your work, business and life to the next level.

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